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An Irish company that develops large renewable energy generation projects,head-quartered in Cork and operating across the world. We are committed to using sustainable and environmentally responsible methods in all of our developments, whilst also minimising impact on other species. This commitment remains at the core of the company’s activities today.

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Our project portfolio spans across onshore and offshore wind, solar PV and ocean energy technologies including wave and tidal.

Wind Energy

Wind Energy utilises our natural wind resources that are created by large scale weather systems or local thermally driven winds to provide power by rotating the wind turbine blades that in turn spin a generator and thereby create electricity.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy utilises our natural sun resources to provide power. Our primary focus is utilisation of solar photovoltaic panels that convert the sunlight to directly produce an electrical current.

Energy and Transport Storage

Energy Storage is essential to ensure sufficient electricity is available to meet global demand, to support the electricity grid and to provide non-grid energy alternatives. We are committed to integrate energy storage solutions with renewable energy developments. We are working with new storage and transport technologies based on hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives.

Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy utilises our vast water resources to create electricity from the power of tides (Tidal Energy) and waves (Wave Energy).

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