Isles II Report: DP Energy hails Scottish/Irish joint approach


6th October 2015

A plan to connect proposed offshore energy schemes between Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland could help developers bring forward their projects more quickly.

ISLES II, a report published by the energy departments of the three countries, acknowledges the need for a framework for a cross-border body which would assess coordination proposals from developers of renewable energy schemes such as tidal and offshore wind.

Irish based renewable energy developer, DP Energy, which is a co-developer with Bluepower NV (a company established by DEME Blue Energy and Nuhma) in the Fair Head project off the coast of Country Antrim, where there are plans to install a 100MW tidal turbine scheme, says it welcomes the ISLES II report.

“The ISLES II report clearly advocates a joined up approach among the three jurisdictions and recognises the scope for economies of scale,” says Simon De Pietro, managing director of DP Energy.

“I am very encouraged to see references to two of the tidal schemes in which DP Energy has an interest, Fair Head and West Islay. If we are to succeed in generating power from the significant offshore resources available along our combined coastlines and in the sea we need to adopt a partnership approach.”

“We would encourage such coordination: the benefits of a collective approach will include a shorter lead-in time, clarity of purpose and a stronger, more effective network. Ultimately, it will result in this part of Europe becoming a highly efficient generator of reliable and sustainable clean energy.”

DP Energy is also advancing plans for tidal energy schemes at Westray South, Orkney and in Canada, following the recent announcement on a partnership with Atlantis Resources to develop a multi-turbine array at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) facility in Nova Scotia.


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