Saamis Solar

Saamis Solar is a 325 MW solar power project under development on an approximately 1,600-acre site within the city limits of Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat boasts more days of sunshine per year (330!) than any other city in Canada and the Saamis Solar Par  project is situated in the north-eastern industrial sector of the city. The c.1600-acre site includes a large area of capped phosphogypsum stack and solar power generation offers a productive use of an area that would otherwise have limited development potential. The large, clear and relatively level surface of the cap is ideal for solar panel installation and the project will use a ballasted foundation system to ensure the integrity of the stacks capping is maintained.

A Development Permit for the project was granted in August 2021 and Pending regulatory approvals, construction activities are expected to begin in 2023 with a goal to be fully operational in 2024.

Further information about the project can be found at: