DP Energy Australia goes offshore for wind

International renewable energy developer DP Energy will leverage its global expertise to pursue offshore wind development in Australia following greater government focus on the technology, backed by more supportive policy settings.

Australian Federal and State governments have embraced offshore wind potential as a mechanism to increase the contribution of renewable energy and meet emissions reduction targets. The Federal Government recently announced six regions across Australia with the potential for offshore wind projects, with Gippsland in Victoria the most advanced.

State governments have committed to ambitious renewable energy and emissions reduction targets with offshore wind energy increasingly viewed as a critical component to meet these goals. The Victorian government is aiming to generate approximately 20 per cent (2GW) of its energy needs from offshore wind by 2032, 4GW of offshore wind capacity by 2035 and 9GW by 2040.

Established almost 30 years ago, DP Energy has developed over 1GW of renewable energy projects across Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK with three quarters of these projects already built and operational. It also has an immediate pipeline of a further 750MW due to enter construction in 2023 and an extended pipeline of some 6GW beyond that. These projects variously incorporate both on and offshore wind, solar and ocean energy technologies. DP Energy’s lead Australian projects include the 320MW Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park in South Australia, and the 430 MW Callide Wind Farm in Queensland.

In the offshore wind space DP Energy is already pursuing a number of projects across Europe and Canada and has partnered with Iberdrola to deliver 3GW of offshore wind in Ireland, and EDF Renewables for 1GW of offshore wind in the UK Celtic Sea. Australia will be its first venture into offshore wind in the southern hemisphere.

DP Energy Australia Director and Country Manager Catherine Way said DP Energy had been looking at offshore potential in Australia for a number of years and had previously identified development opportunities within the Federal Government’s recent declaration of areas for offshore wind projects. “We will draw on our long international experience in developing renewables projects, and more recently in offshore wind energy to develop Australian projects, which could include fixed and floating platforms depending on water depths,” Ms Way said.

“the increased focus from Federal and State governments on offshore wind energy is encouraging and the potential for a large island country such as Australia is significant. However, Australia is playing catch up with the rest of the world, particularly Europe, where this technology is more progressed and already a considerable contributor to the region’s renewable energy mix.

“As we bridge this gap with the rest of the world there is going to be significant investment in offshore wind energy in Australia, which will deliver jobs, growth and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels for the country’s energy security. At DP Energy, we are currently exploring opportunities, either as our own stand-alone projects or in partnership with other operators, as we have done successfully in Australia and overseas for many years.”

See attached map for DP Energy’s offshore wind sites. The map outlines the first five proposed areas in which DP Energy has begun development and feasibility works in the hope of progressing to a feasibility and then commercial licence. These areas are off the coast of Warrnambool in Western Victoria, Wonthaggi and Port Albert in the Gippsland Region, and Wollongong and Newcastle areas in NSW.

Australia Offshore Wind Potential Project Areas

The Crown Estate identifies Gwynt Glas Area of Search within its Plans to Deliver 4GW of Celtic Sea FLOW

Gwynt Glas, a DP Energy and EDF Renewables UK joint venture, welcomes the announcement from The Crown Estate identifying five Areas of Search in the Celtic Sea from which 4 GW of floating wind project development sites will be competitively tendered in mid-2023. The announcement confirms that virtually all of the broad Gwynt Glas’  Area of Search is included in The Crown Estate’s seabed leasing plans for the Celtic Sea.


Gwynt Glas could provide power for approximately 927,400 homes* and contribute a significant part of the Crown Estate’s ambitions for 4GW of capacity in the Celtic Sea. The Crown Estate has commissioned research that indicates that there is significantly more capacity to come in the future, positioning the UK Celtic Sea as a leading global FLOW market.


Nancy McLean, Gwynt Glas Project Director said “We welcome this announcement. It sends a clear signal to the supply chain and investors that the development of FLOW in the Celtic Sea is progressing at pace and significant scale. Clarity on The Crown Estate’s leasing programme is crucial to meeting net zero targets and maximising the economic and social benefits of this new green industry for the South Wales and South West England regions. We look forward to consulting further with The Crown Estate as they refine Areas of Search into smaller final Project Development Areas, within which proposed windfarms like Gwynt Glas could be sited.“


Gwynt Glas has been conducting remote aerial surveys for marine mammal and birds since Spring 2021 and has started early-stage consultation with commercial fisheries, and shipping and navigation stakeholders. Following wider stakeholder consultation the floating offshore wind farm site will be refined and finalised to a much smaller area prior to submitting an Application for Lease in 2023.

 * Load factors based on the five year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of ‘Digest of UK Energy Statistics’ – latest figures as per July 2019 release. Based upon the average domestic electricity consumption per home (temperature corrected) per the Energy Consumption in the UK (published July 2019, Table C9 of ECUK: Consumption data tables).


New Industry Collaboration to give Welsh students a head start in Clean Energy Jobs

A new course preparing students for the future renewables’ jobs market has been launched by Pembrokeshire College. Two global renewable energy companies – EDF Renewables UK and DP Energy – have joined forces with Pembrokeshire College and designed a course to raise awareness, transfer real-world sector knowledge, and inform career journeys for 16-18 year olds.

The 2-year course – Destination Renewables – will educate learners about renewable energy technologies,​ including wave, tidal, onshore wind, solar and offshore wind and associated project development processes. This collaboration with industry will help to bridge the skills gap and showcase the diverse range of careers within the sector, all the while supporting net zero targets and maximising regional benefits.

Pembrokeshire is already a centre for energy, having played host to established technologies such as gas and petrochemicals, and is now providing a home for emerging sectors in renewables. EDF Renewables UK and DP Energy are themselves developing Gwynt Glas, up to 1 GW of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, off the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Nancy McLean of EDF Renewables UK who is leading the Gwynt Glas project, said: “With an increasing focus on tackling climate change and securing energy supplies, renewable technologies have to be developed and rolled out quickly, and we need to build a skilled workforce to deliver our plans. The partnership with Pembrokeshire College helps us to develop homegrown talent and meets the Welsh Government’s aspirations to develop green skills to achieve net zero. In addition to developing the Gwynt Glas floating offshore wind project, EDF Renewables UK is investing in onshore wind, solar, and battery projects right across Wales, so future career opportunities are plentiful.”

Chris Williams, Head of Development UK and New Markets at DP Energy, said: “There is a wealth of renewables expertise in the County, which is one of the reasons why we recently opened our UK headquarters here in Pembroke Dock. By introducing learners to the many career pathways within renewables we believe we can build the workforce needed to support projects like Gwynt Glas and DP Energy’s wider ambitions in Wales including tidal, onshore wind, solar, batteries and hydrogen.  Having this skill base is crucial for Wales to maintain its position as a leader in renewable energy generation and technology development and is knowledge that can be exported across the world.”

Pembrokeshire College is the County’s largest provider of post-16 education and Head of Engineering, Arwyn Williams, said: “The College is delighted to be working so closely with industry to develop the talents needed for future careers in a sector that is so important to all our lives, and one which already has an established home right here in Pembrokeshire. Like our delivery partners – EDF Renewables UK and DP Energy – we are keen to maximise the regional benefits that renewables projects can bring, and we will focus our efforts on developing a skilled local labour force to work across all disciplines.”

Destination Renewables is underpinned by the Skills and Talent programme of the Swansea Bay City Deal, jointly funded by the Welsh and UK Governments, alongside private sector investment. Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum will support the renewables industry in the delivery of this private sector and education partnership to manage high-quality industry content standards and ensure a positive learner journey.

Pictured are Partners at the launch of Destination Renewables. Ffion Wright, Stakeholder and Communications Manager, DP Energy; Arwyn Williams, Head of Faculty for Engineering Pembrokeshire College; Jackie Mathias, Assistant Principal, Pembrokeshire College; Bethan Morgan, Project Development Manager, DP Energy;  Simon Morgan, Principal Project Development Manager, EDF Renewables.

Early consultation begins on Gwynt Glas floating wind Celtic Sea project

Early consultation is underway with the commercial fisheries sector as the team at Gwynt Glas reveal details of the location of their 1,500 square km site search area in the Celtic Sea.

Gwynt Glas, a joint venture announced in January between EDF Renewables UK and Pembrokeshire based DP Energy, will be capable of generating up to 1GW of low carbon green energy in the Celtic Sea.

The Crown Estate intends to run a competitive leasing round to award seabed rights to developers for floating offshore wind (FLOW) projects in the Celtic Sea, targeting an overall regional capacity of 4GW.

The Gwynt Glas wider site search area* is 70km off the coast of Pembrokeshire and 45km from the North Cornwall coast, spanning both Welsh and English waters. The project team will now consult with stakeholders to begin the process of refining the area for its proposed floating offshore wind farm ahead of preparing an application to lease the seabed later next year.

Nancy McLean, Gwynt Glas Project Director said: “In announcing the site search area at this stage we are keen to get an early understanding of the current level and type of fishing activity in the area. We are inviting those involved in fisheries to respond to our consultation and to meet us to discuss the opportunities and potential challenges.”

Beyond fisheries, a wide range of factors will also be considered as part of the site selection process, including water depth, wind resource, proximity to nature conservation designations, seabirds and marine mammals, shipping and distance from ports.

Remote aerial surveys for marine mammal and birds have been carried out over the last 12 months, and following wider consultation with all stakeholders, the floating offshore wind farm site will be refined and finalised to a much smaller area suitable to accommodate up to 1 GW of floating wind platforms.

Gwynt Glas will provide power for approximately 920,000 homes** and make a significant contribution to The Crown Estate’s ambitions for 4GW of capacity in the Celtic Sea.

Image: Gwynt Glas proposed site location area of search.

Notes to editors:

*Map attached

** Load factors based on the five year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of ‘Digest of UK Energy Statistics’ – latest figures as per July 2019 release. Based upon the average domestic electricity consumption per home (temperature corrected) per the Energy Consumption in the UK (published July 2019, Table C9 of ECUK: Consumption data tables).

Those wishing to respond to the consultation or meet with the Gwynt Glas team should email [email protected].

Ministers welcome DP Energy’s commitment to Wales, Net Zero and economic growth at UK Head Office opening

Watch the full office opening video and read the story below:


Building on a 30-year track record of renewable energy development, leading energy developer, DP Energy was joined by Ministers, the Deputy Town Mayor, industry partners and colleagues to mark further company expansion at the opening of their new offices at the Cleddau Bridge Business Park, Pembroke Dock. The significance of this milestone event for DP Energy and the region was recognised by The Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary State for Wales, David T.C. Davies MP and Welsh Government Minister for Economy, Vaughan Gething MS who were in attendance.

Since setting-up operations in Wales in March 2021, the DP Energy UK team has grown rapidly, now employing 6 local full-time staff.

Chris Williams, Head of Development UK and New Markets for DP Energy said: “Opening the office in Pembroke Dock is a direct response to the supportive policies set by UK and Welsh Government to achieve net zero targets and particularly the support for marine renewables.  We have attracted our team members from the local area, which illustrates the level of renewable energy expertise in the County. During our work we will direct our passion for generating 100% sustainable energy to create local benefit by building projects in Wales, UK and further afield, exporting knowledge and knowhow to all corners of the world.”

In January this year, DP Energy announced a joint venture partnership called Gwynt Glas, with leading offshore wind company, EDF Renewables, to develop up to 1GW of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, a leading project for the UK team. Development activity will also include using DP Energy’s long track record in tidal power to support Welsh tidal range and stream initiatives as well as progressing hydrogen opportunities.

Both UK Government and Welsh Government Ministers have welcomed DP Energy’s move to expand operations to Wales.

Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart said:

“I am thrilled that DP Energy has chosen to locate their UK Headquarters in Pembrokeshire. It is testament to the highly skilled people that live here, and it is putting Wales at the forefront of renewable energy technology.

“DP Energy’s renewable energy projects, like its floating offshore wind project Gwynt Glas, in partnership with EDF, will help us achieve our net zero ambitions, as well as generating economic growth and highly-skilled jobs.”

“The UK Government has committed up to £160 million to support new large-scale floating offshore wind ports and factories across the UK. This funding, boosted by private sector investment, will develop the port infrastructure we need to mass-produce floating offshore wind turbines and install them out at sea.”

Welsh Economy Minister, Vaughan Gething said:

“We very much welcome the decision by DP Energy to open their new UK headquarters in Pembroke Dock. This expansion exemplifies the exchange of investment, expertise and collaboration we are seeking to achieve between Wales and Ireland, building on our already strong and positive relationship.  

“Climate and Sustainability is at the heart of the Ireland-Wales Shared Statement and Joint Action Plan, and DP Energy’s development activity in Wales supports our ambitions within that. This investment by DP Energy will help us to achieve our ambitious net zero targets by 2050, as well as bringing economic and community benefits to West Wales and beyond.”

DP Energy has a global portfolio spanning wind, solar and ocean energy and has firmly established operations across the UK, Ireland, Australia and North America.  Adding to the successful projects already delivered by DP Energy, the ongoing portfolio includes:

  • 3GW wind both on and offshore wind in Ireland
  • 2GW onshore wind and solar in Australia
  • 2GW solar and wind in Canada
  • 6MW tidal stream in Nova Scotia[easy-image-collage id=1539]

DP Energy and Iberdrola appoint lead Environmental consultants for Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm off the east coast of Ireland

DP Energy, one of Ireland’s leading developers of renewable energy, and global energy leader Iberdrola have appointed Irish environmental consultants Fehily Timoney and Company, together with Intertek and MarineSpace, to lead the production of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) for the proposed offshore wind project off the east coast of Ireland.

Irish based Fehily Timoney and Company has been awarded the work as lead consultant alongside Intertek and MarineSpace as partner consultants for the proposed Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm, further demonstrating DP Energy and Iberdrola’s commitment to supporting the local economy.

DP Energy entered into a Joint Venture with Iberdrola in February 2021 for a 3GW pipeline of offshore wind projects. As one of the world’s largest renewable energy producers, Iberdrola has substantial experience in offshore wind development and importantly, shares DP Energy’s commitment to a sustainable and ethical approach to development.

Located off the coasts of Wicklow and Wexford, the Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm is a 1,000 MW (1GW) fixed-bottom offshore wind project.

The Shelmalere project is currently in its early development stage, with ecology surveys underway and site investigation surveys being planned. Once operational, it will generate enough green energy to power the equivalent of nearly 860,000 homes. The project is programmed to be operational by 2030 and will significantly contribute to Ireland’s Climate Action Plan target of 80% renewable electricity by 2030.

Fehily Timoney and Company, Intertek and MarineSpace will deliver a full Environmental Impact Assessment Report to examine the potential impacts of the proposed development on the surrounding environment including sea, land and wildlife.  The appraisal to be set out in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report will look at the full project lifecycle from site investigations to construction and right through to operation and eventual decommissioning of the wind farm.

The EIAR will also report on potential impacts of the Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm Project on other key receptors including commercial fisheries, fish ecology, landscape, seascape, cultural heritage, tourism, transport and aviation.

Edwina White, DP Energy’s Consenting and Environment Manager, said:A significant milestone has been achieved in the appointment of Cork-headquartered Fehily Timoney & Company as lead consultant tasked with delivering a robust Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm.  We are delighted that the project will benefit from the expertise and experience offered by Fehily Timoney & Company, and that of their strong partners for this project, MarineSpace & Intertek.  With this key appointment, we’re one step closer to the ultimate goal of delivering Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm to help Ireland reach its climate targets.’

Declan McMahon, Iberdrola’s Offshore Development Senior Project Manager, said: “Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm has the potential to deliver substantial environmental and economic benefits for Ireland. The project is progressing well, and we are pleased to welcome the experience of Fehily Timoney and Company, MarineSpace and Intertek on to the team”

Commenting on the appointment, Jim Hughes, Director of Fehily Timoney and Company said: “This is a very important project for Fehily Timoney and Company, a wholly Irish owned engineering, scientific and planning consultancy. We look forward to growing our relationship with DP Energy and Iberdrola and lead a robust environmental assessment of the Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm project with Intertek and MarineSpace. The project team brings a blend of local knowledge with extensive international experience in the offshore renewable energy sector.

A public information event for the Shelmalere project took place on Thursday the 10th of March 2022, and a recording is now available on the project website at www.shelmalereoffshorewindfarm.com.

A number of further public consultation events will be announced over the coming year along with a virtual consultation room for the Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm project to open shortly.

EDF Renewables UK partners with DP Energy | EDF Renewables UK yn creu partneriaeth gyda DP Energy

EDF Renewables UK partners with DP Energy to deliver up to 1 GW ‘Gwynt Glas’ floating offshore wind project in the Celtic Sea

EDF Renewables, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, is announcing a joint venture partnership with international renewable project developer DP Energy, to generate up to 1GW of low carbon green energy in the Celtic Sea. The project is likely to span English and Welsh waters.

The floating offshore wind project called ‘Gwynt Glas’ will provide power for approximately 927,400 homes.* This will contribute a significant part of the Crown Estate’s ambitions for 4GW of capacity in the Celtic Sea as announced in October 2021.

Work including identification of a refined area of search and detailed constraint studies for the proposed location of the project are already underway. An area of interest encompassing some 1,500km2 has been identified, approximately 70km from the shore, with initial remote aerial surveys for marine mammal and birds taking place since Spring 2021. The project team will be consulting with key stakeholders and interested parties in the coming weeks to refine the proposed site location.

EDF Renewables UK Head of Offshore Wind Scott Sutherland said “This is a great start to 2022 for us and we are very pleased to announce this partnership with DP Energy. We firmly believe Gwynt Glas will be a catalyst for further supply chain growth across the UK which is something we as a company are very supportive of.”

“We will use our experience in offshore wind to help bring opportunities for local, regional and national companies on this project and on others, such our Blyth floating project and the two we are bidding for in the ScotWind process.”

“Floating offshore wind is an exciting new technology and will bring much needed inward investment which can regenerate coastal economies and communities.”

Simon De Pietro, CEO of DP Energy said “DP Energy’s 30-year approach to renewable project development puts the environment and local community front and centre. In our partners, we look for organisations that are as committed as we are to combating climate change.”

“With EDF Renewables UK we have found a strong ally to develop Gwynt Glas, who place strong emphasis on capturing the regional supply chain and local community opportunity, alongside protecting our environment.”

“Each member of the DP Energy UK team based in Pembroke Dock was born and raised in Wales and are passionate about supporting the growth of a new energy sector that can sustain skilled, well-paid jobs for future generations in coastal regions, in Wales and in the South West of England.”

* Load factors based on the five year rolling averages on unchanged configuration basis using Table 6.5 of ‘Digest of UK Energy Statistics’ – latest figures as per July 2020 release. Based upon the average domestic electricity consumption per home (temperature corrected) per the Energy Consumption in the UK (published July 2020, Table C9 of ECUK: Consumption data tables).

EDF Renewables UK yn creu partneriaeth gyda DP Energy i ddarparu hyd at 1GW ym mhrosiect gwynt alltraeth arnofiol ‘Gwynt Glas’ yn y Môr Celtaidd

Mae EDF Renewables, un o gwmnïau ynni adnewyddadwy mwyaf blaenllaw’r DU, yn cyhoeddi partneriaeth menter ar y cyd â’r datblygwr prosiectau adnewyddadwy rhyngwladol DP Energy, i gynhyrchu hyd at 1GW o ynni gwyrdd carbon isel yn y Môr Celtaidd. Mae’r prosiect yn debygol o rychwantu dyfroedd Cymru a Lloegr.

Bydd y prosiect gwynt alltraeth arnofiol o’r enw ‘Gwynt Glas’ yn darparu pŵer ar gyfer tua 927,400 o gartrefi.* Bydd hyn yn cyfrannu rhan sylweddol o uchelgais Ystâd y Goron ar gyfer capasiti o 4GW yn y Môr Celtaidd fel y cyhoeddwyd ym mis Hydref 2021.

Mae’r gwaith yn cynnwys nodi ardal chwilio fanwl ac astudiaethau cyfyngu manwl ar gyfer lleoliad arfaethedig y prosiect eisoes wedi dechrau. Mae ardal o ddiddordeb sy’n cwmpasu rhyw 1,500km2 wedi’i nodi, tua 70km o’r lan, gydag arolygon awyr cychwynnol o bell ar gyfer mamaliaid ac adar morol yn cael eu cynnal ers gwanwyn 2021. Bydd tîm y prosiect yn ymgynghori â rhanddeiliaid allweddol a phartïon â diddordeb yn yr wythnosau nesaf i fireinio lleoliad y safle arfaethedig.

Dywedodd Scott Sutherland, Pennaeth Ynni Gwynt Alltraeth EDF Renewables UK “Mae hwn yn gychwyn gwych i 2022 i ni ac rydym ni’n falch iawn o gyhoeddi’r bartneriaeth hon gyda DP Energy. Rydym ni’n credu’n gryf y bydd Gwynt Glas yn gatalydd ar gyfer twf pellach yn y gadwyn gyflenwi ledled y DU sy’n rhywbeth rydym ni fel cwmni’n gefnogol iawn iddo.

“Byddwn yn defnyddio ein profiad ym maes ynni gwynt alltraeth i helpu i ddod â chyfleoedd i gwmnïau lleol, rhanbarthol a chenedlaethol ar y prosiect hwn ac ar rai eraill, fel ein prosiect Blyth 2 a’r ddau rydym ni’n gwneud cais amdanynt ym mhroses ScotWind.

“Mae gwynt alltraeth arnofiol yn dechnoleg newydd gyffrous a bydd yn dod â mewnfuddsoddiad mawr ei angen a all adfywio economïau a chymunedau arfordirol.”

Dywedodd Simon De Pietro, Prif Swyddog Gweithredol DP Energy “Mae dull 30 mlynedd DP Energy o ddatblygu prosiectau adnewyddadwy yn rhoi’r amgylchedd a’r gymuned leol yn ganolog. Yn ein partneriaid, rydym ni’n chwilio am sefydliadau sydd yr un mor ymroddedig â ni i frwydro yn erbyn newid hinsawdd.

“Gydag EDF Renewables UK rydym ni wedi dod o hyd i gynghreiriad cryf i ddatblygu Gwynt Glas, sy’n rhoi pwyslais cryf ar ddal y gadwyn gyflenwi ranbarthol a chyfleoedd cymunedol lleol, ochr yn ochr â diogelu ein hamgylchedd.

“Cafodd pob aelod o dîm DP Energy sydd wedi’i leoli yn Noc Penfro ei eni a’i fagu yng Nghymru ac rydym ni’n frwd dros gefnogi twf sector ynni newydd a all gynnal swyddi medrus sy’n talu’n dda mewn ardaloedd arfordirol, yng Nghymru ac yn Ne-orllewin Lloegr.

* Ffactorau llwyth yn seiliedig ar gyfartaleddau treigl pum mlynedd ar sail cyfluniad heb ei newid gan ddefnyddio Tabl 6.5 o ‘Crynodeb o Ystadegau Ynni’r DU’ – y ffigurau diweddaraf yn unol â datganiad mis Gorffennaf 2019. Yn seiliedig ar y defnydd o drydan domestig cyfartalog fesul cartref (tymheredd wedi’i gywiro) fesul Defnydd o Ynni yn y DU (cyhoeddwyd Gorffennaf 2019, Tabl C9 o ECUK: Tablau data Defnydd).

DP Energy and Iberdrola open new Ireland Offshore Wind Office in Horgan’s Quay, Cork City

DP Energy, one of Ireland’s leading developers of renewable energy projects, and global energy leader Iberdrola have officially opened their new Ireland Offshore Wind Joint Venture Office in Horgan’s Quay, Cork City. The new 1,300 sq. ft facility at 1 Horgan’s Quay on Waterfront Square in Cork City was officially unveiled by An Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

This is the second DP Energy office in Cork, with their global headquarters based in Buttevant. The Irish offshore team currently consists of 17 people based in Cork, with plans to expand the team throughout the various stages of project development.

Micheál Martin, An Taoiseach, said: “It is a great honour to open this brand new state-of-the-art office in the heart of Cork City for one of Ireland’s leading developers of renewable energy – DP Energy. It is a tremendously exciting time for the company and for the region of Cork to be able to do their critical work at this world-class base. Renewable energy will play a significant role across the island’s future as we look to prosper and grow in a truly sustainable manner. I look forward to seeing DP Energy and Iberdrola’s progress at home and abroad as we look to work together for a green future for the entire nation.”

Simon De Pietro, CEO at DP Energy, said: “We are delighted that An Taoiseach Micheál Martin joined us today to open this office facility in the heart of Cork City. DP Energy has for many years carried out renewable energy developments (wind, solar and ocean energy) globally from its headquarters in Buttevant. This new office is a significant milestone in our aim to complete offshore wind projects in the seas around Ireland alongside our Joint Venture partners Iberdrola. We have built up a significant amount of global expertise in renewable energy over the past 30 years and we are delighted to be in a position to bring this to Ireland to help the country achieve its Climate Action goals and support the battle against climate change. It has been truly exciting to see our team grow both in Ireland and internationally and this new office in Cork will provide a springboard for continued success, while also contributing to the local Cork economy.”

Commenting on the milestone, Charlie Jordan, Iberdrola UK and Ireland Offshore Wind Director, said: “Ireland can be at the forefront of Europe’s offshore wind sector, and benefit from billions of euros of investment and the creation of thousands of highly skilled jobs. We are delivering major offshore wind projects all over the world, and it is clear to Ireland has excellent conditions to grow this new clean energy sector. DP Energy is one of Ireland’s renewable energy pioneers and our new office facilities are a sign of a shared commitment to deliver new offshore wind projects here. We were delighted to welcome the Taoiseach today to discuss our plans for the years ahead.”
DP Energy entered into a Joint Venture with Iberdrola in February 2021 for a 3GW pipeline of offshore wind projects. As one of the world’s largest renewable energy producers, Iberdrola has substantial experience in offshore wind development and, importantly, shares DP Energy’s commitment to a sustainable and ethical approach to development.

DP Energy and Iberdrola have submitted Investigative Foreshore Licence Applications for three off-shore wind projects around the Irish Coast:
• Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park, off the coast of Cork and Waterford (floating)
• Clarus Offshore Wind Farm, off the coast of Clare and Kerry (floating)
• Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm, off the coast of Wicklow and Wexford (fixed)
Once operational, the three off-shore wind projects will generate enough green energy to power the equivalent of 2.6 million Irish homes. Delivery of these schemes, hoped to be operational between 2028 and 2030, will significantly contribute to Ireland’s Climate Action Plan target of 80% renewable electricity by 2030. Supporting post-2030 Government aspirations of 30GW of offshore renewables, the DP Energy / Iberdrola joint venture will also be responsible for developing future offshore wind pipelines in Ireland.

Further information is also available on the project websites www.inisealgamarineenergypark.com, www.clarusoffshorewindfarm.com and www.shelmalereoffshorewindfarm.com.

STEAM Education Ltd supporting Green Energy & Climate Action Education Programmes in Primary Schools, in partnership with DP Energy and Iberdrola

DP Energy Presents “Gwynt Glas” Floating Offshore Wind Farm in the Celtic Sea

DP Energy is using its 30 year project development expertise across wind, solar and ocean energy worldwide to deliver a 300MW floating wind farm in the Celtic Sea. The project stays true to its Celtic origins adopting the name ‘Gwynt Glas’, Welsh for blue wind. Located between the West Wales and South West of England coastline, Gwynt Glas will generate enough renewable energy to supply up to 300,000 homes. DP Energy has been laying the foundations for this project and its broader Celtic Sea aspirations for several years and welcomed the announcement from The Crown Estate in March 2021 that it was commencing work to design and deliver a new leasing opportunity for early commercial-scale floating wind projects in this seabed area. The Gwynt Glas project announcement, released during critical climate action talks at COP26, is further evidence of growing industry ambition to accelerate floating offshore wind deployment in UK waters to support domestic and global net zero goals.

DP Energy has established, and is expanding, an experienced UK team based at its office in Pembroke Dock to manage Gwynt Glas and its wider Welsh and UK ambitions.

Talking about this milestone Celtic Sea project Simon De Petro, CEO of DP Energy said:

“Floating wind technology is on the cusp of being one of the key renewable technologies for the future. The industry now needs to rapidly scale-up if we are to succeed in delivering the gigawatts of green energy required to meet our climate action goals. Gwynt Glas is not only significant to the environmental solution, but also a pathway to much needed economic regeneration for the UK, in particular coastal regions.”

Site research and detailed studies have been underway for some time resulting in the identification of an area of interest encompassing some 1,500km2. This site is being investigated by remote aerial surveys for marine mammal and bird activity.  DP Energy has started engagement with key stakeholders and is commencing wide consultation with all interested parties.  Consultations will include the offshore area which is approximately 70km from the shore.

On project priorities for the next year Chris Williams, Head of Development UK and New Markets for DP Energy said: “Our aim is to facilitate as much engagement with key stakeholders and communities as possible. We will work collaboratively with appropriate statutory bodies and consultees in Wales, the South West and across the UK, whilst securing the strongest delivery partnerships. Our focus is to use in-country capabilities wherever possible to support the growth of UK industry. We have engaged with local ports and are determined that Gwynt Glas will maximise local supply chain content and deliver environmental, social and economic benefit to the regions.“

DP Energy develops a range of renewable energy assets worldwide. From delivering its first wind farm, a 5MW project in County Tyrone Northern Ireland in 1993, to its Port Augusta 320MW Wind and Solar Hybrid project in South Australia finishing construction later in 2021, the company is as committed as ever to delivering a cleaner energy future. Currently, the company has a global portfolio of  over 5GW  of wind (onshore, offshore fixed and floating) solar and ocean energy projects across Ireland, Australia, the UK and Canada and plans for further expansion.

DP Energy believe Gwynt Glas can play a significant role in facilitating the anticipated economic boom for Wales and the South West from the engineering, operations, and maintenance of the Celtic Sea floating wind platforms and turbines.