Public consultations to inform local communities in Ballycastle and on Rathlin Island about a proposed 100MW tidal energy scheme off the North Antrim coast attracted more than 100 visitors over the two days according to the organisers.

Representatives from Fair Head Tidal say they were delighted by the turn out. The renewable energy scheme proposed by development companies DP Energy and Bluepower NV would provide enough electricity for more than 70,000 homes.

Fair ”Head Tidal project manager Clodagh McGrath says she and her team noticed that most people visiting the consultation exhibition in the Marine Hotel in Ballycastle, and the Richard Branson Centre on Rathlin, were well informed.

“We were very pleased that so many people engaged enthusiastically and were positive about our proposals,” says Ms McGrath. “We understand that there will always be sensitivities surrounding any new developments. We were here to explain the extensive survey work we have been doing, display images to show how the project might look, and how we will seek to minimise any impacts on the local environment and the communities that live and work there.”

“Engagement with local communities is a very important part of our development activities, and we welcomed the level of feedback we received over the two days, which will help in finalising our plans”, she says.

Fair Head Tidal intends to submit a planning application for the offshore component of the project, covering a development area of some 3.3 square kilometres and about one kilometre north east of Fair Head, later this summer. Before the end of the year, the Fair Head Tidal team will be back in Ballycastle to share details on the second component of the project. This will cover the proposed onshore works in the vicinity of Murlough Bay in order to connect the tidal project into the Northern Ireland electricity network.

“We are very respectful of the views of local communities,” says Ms McGrath, “and we look forward to returning to the area in the coming months to share our proposals for the onshore works and again very much welcome feedback.



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The renewable energy firm behind proposals to install a tidal generation scheme off Fair Head is to host two open days to gather opinions and share information with local communities.

Cork-based DP Energy which has developed renewable energy projects for over 20 years will set up an exhibition in Ballycastle on 23rd August and on Rathlin island on 24th August, 2016.  The exhibitions will also be supported by DP Energy’s joint partners in the Fair Head Tidal scheme, Bluepower NV (a partnership between marine construction group DEME and utility investor, Nuhma).

Clodagh McGrath, Project Manager Fair Head Tidal, says the company wants to let as many people in the area know what is being proposed off the Antrim coast.

“We initially engaged with the local communities of Ballycastle, Rathlin and the broader north coast in 2014, by sharing information on tidal energy, outlining our development approach and plans for an extensive programme of site surveys.” says Ms McGrath.

“Now we have completed our survey programme and developed more details on our plans, we are delighted to return so that local people can provide their views, reactions and comments before we submit our planning application.” she added.

The project is the second of two tidal schemes to have secured leases from The Crown Estate for areas of the seabed where currents are strong and offer the greatest potential as a clean and reliable power source.

It is proposed that the Fair Head Tidal project would be developed in two stages, says Ms McGrath.

“The first stage is to install an array of perhaps four to six turbines,” she says. “The second stage would be more substantial, completing the scheme’s 100MW output, and predicted to supply enough energy to power some 70,000 homes.”

“We will show people images of the proposed technologies and charts of the seabed where it is proposed to install these, together with findings from our environmental surveys and assessment of potential impacts from the development, during the construction and operation stages.” says Ms McGrath.

The potential for local employment and skills training is currently being assessed by Fair Head Tidal, and the planning application will include a specific section covering the potential socio-economic benefits which could arise if the scheme is built.

DP Energy is developing similar schemes off the east coast of Canada, and off Orkney and Islay, Scotland.


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DP Energy receives Development Approval for the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park

DP Energy’s Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park has received Development Approval from the South Australian Government.

Once fully commissioned, the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park will generate approximately 1,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of clean renewable energy directly into the national electricity grid per year, enough to power about 200,000 homes and save 470,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Located near the former Northern Power Station, the project will create much-needed employment in the energy sector for the Port Augusta region.

The development application was approved following significant consultation with the relevant government agencies, consideration of public submissions and detailed advice from the Development Assessment Commission, an independent statutory authority.

South Australia is recognised nationally as a leader in renewable energy, with about 35 per cent of Australia’s installed wind-generated power. Approval enables delivery of one of the largest and most significant hybrid renewable energy projects in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the installation of some 59 wind turbines and almost 400 hectares of solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays for a combined generation capacity of up to 375 MW. This one project will make a material contribution to South Australia achieving its low carbon investment target of $10 billion by 2025.

The project’s added significance turns on its unique generation profile: the wind resource is primarily driven by the temperature difference between the land and sea rather than by weather systems, and hence exhibits a regular early evening peak which is well aligned with the daily peak demand for electricity. This effect is also strongest in the summer when temperature differences are at their greatest, meaning that annual energy generation also peaks when it is most needed. When this evening wind generation temperature effect is coupled with large-scale solar generation (which has a midday peak) a good match to overall demand can be achieved thereby supporting the electricity network and placing downward pressure on wholesale prices.

DP Energy’s CEO, Simon De Pietro said that “South Australia stands out as an ideal investment destination for DP Energy. The state has great natural resources in both wind and sun coupled with a clear regulatory framework, an excellent case management service (through Investment Attraction South Australia), and a professional and independent planning assessment process (through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the Development Assessment Commission). These factors have been invaluable in helping DP Energy to navigate the necessary approvals and bring this project to reality.”

“The Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park represents a new breed of renewable energy generation which will deliver the right power at the right time for energy consumers, and deliver economic benefit to the region and the State,” Mr De Pietro said.

The project CAPEX is estimated to be approximately $680M, and will create 250 jobs over construction – peaking at some 600 over the height of that phase of the development, and 15-20 ongoing jobs. The build will involve using local SA businesses wherever possible, an approach that DP Energy adopts across all the jurisdictions within which it operates. DP Energy looks forward to working with the local community to find innovative ways in which to maximise the local benefits both through employment generation and by facilitating local supply chain opportunities.

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Gaby Powell, DP Energy Australia
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Ocean Energy Europe has elected Simon De Pietro (DP Energy CEO) alongside Thierry Kalanquin (DCNS Senior Vice President Energies & Marine infrastructure) as its new co-Presidents. The pair will combine the respective expertise of a prominent renewable energy developer and an industrial scale technology manufacturer to help steer Europe’s ocean renewable energy industry sector to commercial readiness.

Europe’s ocean energy industry is entering a new phase of development in 2016 with several pre-commercial farms hitting the water around Europe. These deployments set the scene for the emergence of a sizable new market: Europe’s industry plans to deploy 100GW of production capacity between now and 2050.  A coherent partnership between industry and governments is central to driving progress.

Commenting on his election Simon De Pietro said: “Ocean Energy Europe has a crucial position to ensure that European policy and decision makers are fully aware of the potential of ocean energy and are putting the appropriate measures in place to support the industry. I am proud to be elected as co-president of the organisation together with Thierry Kalanquin from DCNS. We bring two different perspectives together, into one common vision, which is the development of the ocean energy sector”.

Commenting on his appointment Thierry Kalanquin said: “I am very proud of this decision and I look forward to working in tandem with Simon de Pietro. The combination of our complementary expertise in energy project management and technological and industrial development will represent a serious asset for the emergence of marine renewable energies in Europe. It is also a strong symbol at a time when the marine renewable energy sector needs more than ever the cooperation of all its actors to support the development of a new market, with economic and social benefits for Europe”.

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, added: “I am very pleased with this Board decision. DCNS and DP Energy are pivotal players in Europe’s ocean energy industry, and together cover all the angles. Their operational focus is on the sector’s most advanced markets – France and the UK. As technology manufacturer and renewable energy project developer, they bring key, but different, perspectives to the table and a wealth of knowledge and experience. I look forward to working with them both”.

Ocean Energy Europe is the largest network of ocean energy professionals in the world. 105 organisations, including Europe’s leading utilities, industrialists and research institutes, trust Ocean Energy Europe to represent the interests of Europe’s ocean energy sector, acting as the main link between Europe’s ocean energy industry and the EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, EIB etc) and EU Member States.

Ocean Energy Europe’s objective is to create a strong environment for the development of ocean energy, improve access to funding and enhance business opportunities for its members. To achieve this, they engage with the European Commission, Council, Parliament, European Investment Bank, and national ministries on all dossiers affecting the sector, such energy, climate, finance, grid and consenting.




DP Energy has welcomed the launch of the world’s most powerful floating tidal turbine in Belfast. Commissioned by Scotrenewables Tidal Power, the SR2000 is the result of joint investment of £25m by the main investors: DP Energy, ABB, Scottish Government’s Renewable Energy Investment Fund, Fred. Olsen Group and Total New Energies.

Simon de Pietro, CEO of DP Energy says the tidal energy sector is rapidly approaching maturity. “The sector is now beyond its emerging phase and the SR2000 device is a bold step forward proving the viability of tidal as a sustainable, reliable and predictable energy source.”

Steel fabrication of the machine was carried out by fabricators in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England with assembly and commissioning of the SR2000 taking place at Harland & Wolff shipyard over the past 12 months, drawing on H&W’s 150 years of marine manufacturing experience to deliver this next generation technology.

The company’s novel floating technology offers a low cost solution to tidal energy generation through simplified and safe manufacture, installation, access and maintenance of units along with the ability to use low cost, small workboats for all offshore operations.

 Following a short period of sea-trials in the Belfast harbour region, the turbine will be towed to Orkney for a testing programme at the European Marine Energy Centre, where the company will demonstrate the potential for its technology to deliver a step-change cost reduction to the tidal energy sector.


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DP Energy US Initiative

The US renewable energy market is a key area of focus for DP Energy and we are actively working with state and regional stakeholders to ensure that the future energy market framework is structured in order to encourage the cost effective deployment of clean energy technologies and long term production of renewable energy. The Federal Government, along with key successive states is providing the leadership needed to see the transformation of future energy markets; fully embracing the importance and value that renewable energy brings to help modernize and enhance the electrical system that we rely upon. Additionally the commitment of the United States to address GHG emissions through the groundbreaking Clean Power Plan will allow clean power technology, including renewable energy to help replace the aging fleet of fossil powered generation.

DP Energy is developing a portfolio of wind and solar energy projects that will supply the increasing energy needs of key regional markets, with a focus on resource areas in the west and the eastern seaboard. DP Energy has a proven track record in bringing projects to realization and has a team working with landowners, regulators and utilities to bring a balanced portfolio of wind and solar projects through the development cycle. DP Energy has a strong interest and success in working with sovereign nations to assist in exploring and developing renewable energy solutions to help realise the strong potential they hold and bring economic security through sensitive development on tribal lands.


Leading independent renewables development company DP Energy has welcomed the European Commission’s latest State of the Energy Union commitment to deliver on the EU’s collective 2030 targets. These include a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels and sourcing at least 27% of energy from renewables.

Simon De Pietro, managing director of Cork-based DP Energy, says he is pleased that the European Commission has specified that all EU countries should have a least 10% interconnection capacity by 2020, increasing to 15% by 2030.

“This is an encouraging report from the commission. The pursuit of various goals including interconnection capacity and energy market design to boost cross-border power trade and integration of renewables into the system amounts to a distinctive and urgent call for action,” says Mr De Pietro.

“Energy Union’s vice president Maroš Šefčovič says 2016 will be a year of delivery during which we will see greater moves towards a low-carbon economy which is socially fair and consumer-centred. This chimes very well with DP Energy’s aims and ambitions as a developer of renewable energy projects across the world” he says.

DP Energy’s portfolio of renewable energy projects includes tidal projects off the coasts of Canada, Scotland and Northern Ireland, wind and solar developments in Ireland, and a recently submitted development application for a 375MW hybrid wind/solar development in South Australia.

“It is critical for any renewables energy developer to be able to invest in a stable legislative environment” says Mr De Pietro.

DP Energy Australia submits development application for 375MW combined wind and solar Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park project.


1st December 2015

DP Energy has lodged a Development Application for its proposed wind and solar power plant near Port Augusta in South Australia. The application, lodged under Section 49 of the Development Act seeks approval for the installation of up to 59 wind turbines and up to 400 hectares of solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays for a combined generation capacity of up to 375 MW.

The Project would provide a much-needed boost to employment in the region after recent announcements by Alinta Energy and other major companies. Construction is scheduled to start in 2017 and last around two years during which it is expected to create around 600 full-time jobs and bring more than $44.5m of construction expenditure into the regional economy. When fully operational the Project is expected to create at least 20 full time jobs.

It is estimated that the average generation from the Project will be in excess of 770 million units of electricity, equivalent to the consumption of 154,000 South Australian households. It would also displace approximately 430,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Simon De Pietro, managing director, says the company was encouraged by the strong local support for the Project. “Overwhelmingly, the response to the Project has been positive, with many people recognising the benefits that will flow into the local community.”

“DP Energy is focussed on the delivery of high-quality, utility scale renewable energy developments, which will play a key part in the inevitable transition away from traditional forms of energy generation and towards cheaper, cleaner, more sustainable energy production.

“The Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park, through its careful design represents a new and unique approach to renewable energy. By integrating different technologies, the Project is able to deliver energy when it is most needed, thereby reducing stress on the electricity network in times of peak demand and reducing the reliance on expensive peaking power.”

If the Development Application is approved DP Energy looks forward to working with the local community to find innovative ways in which to maximise the local benefits both through employment generation and by facilitating local supply chain opportunities.


Media contact:

Gaby Powell, DP Energy Australia

E: [email protected]

T: +61 (0)7 40 952 877





1st December 2015

Nova Scotia Government welcomes DP Energy to the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE).

Ireland-based renewable power development company DP Energy has secured tidal stream demonstration power production rights of 4.5MW on a seabed site known as Berth E in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.

Minister of Energy Michel Samson formally announced his Department’s intention to award a berth to DP Energy during the UN Climate Change conference in Paris.

“We are pleased to welcome DP Energy to Nova Scotia,” said Energy Minister Michel Samson. “DP Energy’s investment is further proof of Nova Scotia’s standing as an international leader in the tidal energy industry.”

DP Energy has plans to install three 1.5-megawatt turbines at its new site. Simon De Pietro, CEO of DP Energy said he welcomed the outcome.

“DP Energy is delighted to join with the other FORCE berth-holders in picking up the tidal energy challenge in the Bay of Fundy,” he said. “We welcome Nova Scotia’s vision and forward thinking in recognizing tidal energy as a one of the major worldwide renewable energy sources for the future.”

DP Energy recently took a 50% position in Berth C in partnership with Atlantis Operations Canada for the development of 4.5MW utilising Lockheed/Atlantis technology and further building its position in Canada.

DP Energy has been working closely with technology partner Andritz Hammerfest since 2013 on the project plan, and the team believe that they now have a very compelling proposition in place. Simon De Pietro says the award places the company he and his mother Maureen established originally as an early stage wind development company firmly at the top of the marine energy development sector.

“This is a very significant development for DP Energy and is a further expression of our confidence in tidal energy generation as a key component in the portfolio of reliable, predictable and emissions free power sources needed to take us into a more sustainable future,” says Mr De Pietro.

The Cork-based firm became Europe’s largest independent developer of tidal stream following its acquisition of the Westray South project from SSE Renewables in April 2014.



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Niamh Kenny, DP Energy, Cork, Ireland mob: + 353 87 686 6879 or [email protected]

Isles II Report: DP Energy hails Scottish/Irish joint approach


6th October 2015

A plan to connect proposed offshore energy schemes between Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland could help developers bring forward their projects more quickly.

ISLES II, a report published by the energy departments of the three countries, acknowledges the need for a framework for a cross-border body which would assess coordination proposals from developers of renewable energy schemes such as tidal and offshore wind.

Irish based renewable energy developer, DP Energy, which is a co-developer with Bluepower NV (a company established by DEME Blue Energy and Nuhma) in the Fair Head project off the coast of Country Antrim, where there are plans to install a 100MW tidal turbine scheme, says it welcomes the ISLES II report.

“The ISLES II report clearly advocates a joined up approach among the three jurisdictions and recognises the scope for economies of scale,” says Simon De Pietro, managing director of DP Energy.

“I am very encouraged to see references to two of the tidal schemes in which DP Energy has an interest, Fair Head and West Islay. If we are to succeed in generating power from the significant offshore resources available along our combined coastlines and in the sea we need to adopt a partnership approach.”

“We would encourage such coordination: the benefits of a collective approach will include a shorter lead-in time, clarity of purpose and a stronger, more effective network. Ultimately, it will result in this part of Europe becoming a highly efficient generator of reliable and sustainable clean energy.”

DP Energy is also advancing plans for tidal energy schemes at Westray South, Orkney and in Canada, following the recent announcement on a partnership with Atlantis Resources to develop a multi-turbine array at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) facility in Nova Scotia.


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