DP Energy US Initiative

The US renewable energy market is a key area of focus for DP Energy and we are actively working with state and regional stakeholders to ensure that the future energy market framework is structured in order to encourage the cost effective deployment of clean energy technologies and long term production of renewable energy. The Federal Government, along with key successive states is providing the leadership needed to see the transformation of future energy markets; fully embracing the importance and value that renewable energy brings to help modernize and enhance the electrical system that we rely upon. Additionally the commitment of the United States to address GHG emissions through the groundbreaking Clean Power Plan will allow clean power technology, including renewable energy to help replace the aging fleet of fossil powered generation.

DP Energy is developing a portfolio of wind and solar energy projects that will supply the increasing energy needs of key regional markets, with a focus on resource areas in the west and the eastern seaboard. DP Energy has a proven track record in bringing projects to realization and has a team working with landowners, regulators and utilities to bring a balanced portfolio of wind and solar projects through the development cycle. DP Energy has a strong interest and success in working with sovereign nations to assist in exploring and developing renewable energy solutions to help realise the strong potential they hold and bring economic security through sensitive development on tribal lands.