DP Energy welcomes South Australia’s new approach to wind and solar power

DP Energy welcomes South Australia’s new approach to wind and solar power

DP Energy has endorsed South Australia’s new legislation which will accelerate the development of renewable energy projects. The state’s Climate Change Minister Ian Hunt says wind and solar farm developers can now apply for 25-year licences on Crown land, subject to pastoral lease tenure, and the option to renew for further 25 years.

Simon De Pietro, chief executive of renewables specialist DP Energy which has plans for a 300MW combined solar and wind energy park near Port Augusta, says the bill is important in creating the stability needed by developers to invest.

“This legislation represents a major step in the right direction as it protects stakeholders’ interests while providing investors with the security of tenure required to attract project finance,” says Mr De Pietro.

Minister Hunter says the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation (Renewable Energy) Amendment Act 2014 provides solutions to investors and protection to residents and stakeholders.
“The legislation ensures local communities will benefit from renewables investments with 95 per cent of licence payments flowing through to pastoral lessees and native title holders,” says Minister Hunter.

“Analysts anticipate that some A$2 trillion in renewables investment will be available in the Asia-Pacific region to 2030: to be competitive we have to create investor certainty and a policy environment supportive of renewables. This proclamation provides this environment and enables investors to capitalise on our world class solar and wind resources.”
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