Iberdrola Australia completes installation of wind turbines at Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park

Iberdrola Australia is pleased to announce that the final wind turbine at the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park (PAREP) has now been installed. PAREP is the largest hybrid wind-solar farm in Australia with 50 wind turbines and 250,000 solar modules. The project will be ready to connect to the grid in the upcoming months and once this connection is approved will provide an additional 320MW of low-cost green energy into the South Australian market. PAREP’s renewable energy supply will contribute to lower electricity prices for consumers and will further de-carbonise the South Australian economy.

To mark this major milestone, the South Australian Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, attended site and said:

“Congratulations to Iberdrola and project partners DP Energy on completing this important milestone in the project which created more than 200 full-time jobs during the construction phase and a further 20 on-going jobs after completion, with many positions occupied by locals.

“Iberdrola’s successful introduction into the Australian market through the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park provides a genuine boost to South Australia’s journey to post COVID-19 economic recovery.

“This innovative regional renewable energy project is an example of the way our state government is delivering on its vision for South Australia to achieve 100% net renewable energy by 2030.

“I welcome Iberdrola’s commitment to take a lead on the generation of renewable energy technology, including wind, solar and hydrogen, as their ambitions mirror the South Australian Government’s commitment to being a global leader in the development and delivery of renewable energy technology to lower energy prices.”

Iberdrola Australia’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ross Rolfe, AO, said:

“We are very pleased to see PAREP achieve this major milestone. Iberdrola Australia has been investing in South Australia since 2005 and our $500m investment in PAREP demonstrates our long-term commitment to the state’s clean energy transition. Once grid connection is approved, PAREP will significantly increase the volume of reliable and affordable clean energy available for South Australian customers.”

Project developer, DP Energy’s Director and Country Manager, Catherine Way, said:

“DP Energy is excited to be part of this substantial contribution to South Australia’s low carbon energy future. Watching such an ambitious concept be realised throughout construction has been rewarding, and it is great that Iberdrola chose DP Energy’s project for their entry into the Australian market.”

More information on the project can be found at www.iberdrola.com.au and www.parep.com.au.