Lyra Wind Farm

The proposed Lyra Wind Farm project is situated in the west of Ireland in Co. Mayo, approximately 7km southeast of Westport, and 2.2km southeast of Aghagower Village and 9.5km west of Ballintubber Village. The area under investigation is situated in the townlands of Cordarragh South, Corveagh Upper and Teevinish West. Much of the proposed turbine area is located at an elevation of between 100m and 200m above sea level.

This project is in the early stages of the development process. Consultation with key stakeholders, resource modelling, and site assessments have commenced.

Further details can be found at the project website here.

Corrie Mountain Wind Farm

Corrie Mountain (Arigna), located in Co. Leitrim, was the second wind farm developed by DP Energy and the first in the Republic of Ireland. The project was awarded an Alternative Energy Requirement (AER 1) power contract in 1995.

Corrie Mountain Wind Farm obtained planning permission in 1996 and was constructed in 1998. The farm comprised 8 Vestas 600kW turbines and is now owned by Viridian.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 8
Consented MW 4.8MW
Commissioning Date 1997
Current Owner Viridian

Carrane Hill Wind Farm

Carrane Hill Wind Farm lies within Carrownadargny townland close to Geevagh, approximately 20km to the South East of Sligo town in Co. Sligo. The Wind Farm has a mean elevation of around 430 meters and an average wind speed at hub height of around 9 meters/second. The site is surrounded by commercial forestry to the west and north east.

Carrane Hill Wind Farm consists of four Gamesa G52 turbines and was constructed over the summer of 2006. It was commissioned and commenced generation in November 2006 under an Alternative Energy Requirement VI power contract. Carrane Hill was officially opened in July 2007 by the late Mr. Brendan Mc Williams with a blessing by local parish priests Fr. Alwell and Fr. Cullen.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 4
Consented MW 3.4MW
Commissioning Date 2006
Current Owner ESB Wind Development Ltd

Cappawhite Wind Farm

Cappawhite Wind Farm is located at the southern most extent of the mountain range known as the Hollyford Hills in Tipperary South Riding. It has a mean site elevation of around 300m and average hub height wind speeds of 7.5 meters/second. It lies immediately north of Cappawhite village and approximately 17km north of Tipperary town.

The land use is primarily grazing for cattle with some small elements of forestry.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 17
Consented MW 50MW
Commissioning Date 2017
Current Owner ESB Wind Development Ltd

Buttevant Wind Farm

Buttevant Wind Farm is located in the Ballyhoura Mountain range, close to DP Energy’s head office. The project is based entirely within established forestry on Coillte lands, taking up less than 5% of the land on the site and allowing existing recreational activities to continue. It was granted planning consent in January 2016 for 6 turbines with a maximum tip height of 135m.

The project has a grid connection offer under Gate 3 of the Commission for Electricity Regulation (Note: CER is now CRU) process with the grid connection planned at Charleville Substation. The site lies immediately west of the ESB/Coillte consented 14 turbine Castlepook windfarm.   DP Energy is working closely with ESBI/Coillte on the coordination of construction activities for the neighbouring project, with shared access arrangements and a common grid connection.

The mitigation and monitoring measures described in the planning application will be implemented and integrated into the construction and operation of the development.

Manufacturer and Model TBC
Nameplate Rating 3.2MW
Hub Height 80 m
Rotor Diameter 108 m
Number of Machines 6
Total Installed Capacity 19.2 MW
Annual Output 57GWh
Equivalent Tonnage of CO2 Saved 22,940(1)
Equivalent Number of Households 12,480
Power Contract TBC
Commission Date 2017

Booltiagh Wind Farm II

The North and Eastern Extension of the Booltiagh Wind Farm consists of a six turbine addition to the built Booltiagh Wind Farm in Co. Clare. The development consists of a further turbine row to the east and a three turbine group to the north. This increases the entire project from 19.5MW to 31.5MW

Booltiagh II was awarded planning permission in October 2008 and was constructed and commissioned in 2013. Subsequently the owner further expanded the site.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 6
Consented MW 12MW
Commissioning Date 2013
Current Owner Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners

Booltiagh Wind Farm I

Booltiagh Wind Farm has a mean site elevation of 170m and an average wind speed of 8.5 meters/second. It lies approximately 15km west of Ennis in Co. Clare midway between the villages of Kilmalley and Kilmihil. The wind farm is based within a commercial forestry.

Booltiagh Wind Farm has an initial installed capacity of 19.5MW based on 13 GE 1.5MW machines. The original project was financed under an AER VI power contract and was commissioned in August 2005.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 13
Consented MW 22.5MW
 Commissioning Date 2005
 Current Owner Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners

Black Banks Wind Farm II

Located in Co. Leitrim, Black Banks II is the second phase of the Black Banks Wind Farm and consists of 8 Vestas V52 wind turbines. It lies immediately adjacent to the Black Banks I project.

The project added eight Vestas V52 machines to the existing project, bringing the total capacity to 10.2MW. The extension phase of the project was commissioned in December 2005.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 8
Consented MW 6.8MW
 Commissioning Date 2005
 Current Owner ESB Wind Development Ltd

Black Banks Wind Farm I

The Black Banks Wind Farm has a mean site elevation of 370m and an average wind speed of just over 8 meters/second. It lies approximately 20km south east of Sligo town and 5km south west of the village of Drumkeeran in Co. Leitrim. The land is used for sheep grazing and turf cutting.

The project utilised four Vestas V52 machines and was commissioned in 2001.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 4
Consented MW 3.4MW
 Commissioning Date 2001
 Current Owner ESB Wind Development Ltd


Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park

Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park is the name chosen for DP Energy and Iberdrola’s offshore wind farm off the coast of Counties Cork and Waterford.

Located off the South Coast of Ireland, the Inis Ealga Marine Energy Park project will utilise Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) technology and upon completion, will have the potential capacity of up to 1 GW.

More information can be found on the project website here.