Blackcraig Hill Wind Farm

Blackcraig Hill Wind Farm was developed by DP Energy on behalf of the owner/operator SSE Generation Ltd (part of the SSE Group). It was awarded a Section 36 Planning Consent in March 2011. The site was subsequently transferred to Blue Energy in May 2015.

The Blackcraig Hill wind farm site lies approximately 8km to the east of the village of St John’s Town of Dalry in the district of Stewartry, Dumfries and Galloway. The turbines are sited along the irregular ridgeline formed by the series of small hills from near Troquhain Hill in the west to Fell Hill in the east. One of the central hills, Blackcraig Hill lends its name to the wind farm. It has a mean site elevation of around 350-400m and an estimated wind speed of around 8metres/second.

Project Summary
Consented Number of Turbines 23
Consented MW 69MW
 Commissioning Date 2017
 Current Owner Blue Energy