Uisce Tapa

DP Energy SPVs Halagonia Tidal Energy Limited (HTEL) and Rio Fundo Operations Canada Limited (RFOCL) control and manage the development of Berth E and Berth C at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) which is Canada’s leading research centre for in-stream tidal energy, located in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.

The combined project is called Uisce Tapa, which means fast water in Gaelic. DP is planning to develop both berths together as one project to take advantage of improved project economics, reduced exposure to technology risk, improved access to capital and shared operations. Both berths hold a sub-lease from FORCE for the deployment of 4.5 MW maximum export capacity. Both berths have been awarded a 15-year Feed in Tariff (FIT) under the Electricity Act and section 18(2) of the Regulations. The approved FIT rate is CDN$530/MWh and the power will be sold to Nova Scotia Power Inc (NSPI). The project will deploy 6 x 1.5 MW of AHH Mk1 devices – 9 MW.

The Andrtiz Hammerfest Hydro (AHH) MK1 is the proposed technology to be deployed on Berth E. The Mk1 has an 18.4 m diameter rotor and rated power of 1.5 MW. The turbine is a horizontal axis, 3 bladed, seabed mounted tidal turbine, which has been successfully deployed (3 machines) at MeyGen in Scotland. The Mk1 design represents the next generation in seabed mounted tidal turbine development for AHH incorporating a number of new features both to customise elements of the device for operation in the Bay of Fundy, but also to ready the device for commercial scale deployment.

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) were deployed in late July 2019 in order to collect information on the current flows at the specific project site.