Sunny Revenue Generator for Irish Land Owners?


8th September 2015

The firm behind plans for a 100MW tidal power scheme off the coast of north east Antrim is launching an appeal to landowners throughout the island of Ireland for sites on which large-scale solar power schemes could be installed.

DP Energy which is based in County Cork, says it wants to build a clear picture of potentially available parcels of land of about 25 acres or more on which solar parks could be installed.

Managing director Simon De Pietro says solar technologies have become more efficient than ever and are now capable of generating power in less sunny regions in northern Europe.

“Solar energy technology has become much more efficient in recent years and Ireland now stands to benefit hugely from the development of solar parks,” says Mr De Pietro. “The new technology means ease of installation and maintenance; also the costs of solar power are coming down making it an increasingly attractive alternative.

“These parks would generate significant income for the land owners,” says Mr de Pietro. “The initial work including environmental impact studies, public consultation and all planning requirements would be undertaken by the firm and once the go-ahead was given for the installation, a commercial contract would be agreed between us and the land owner over a lease period.”

The firm is committed to environmental protection and the development of sustainable energy sources. It has been developing and building exclusively renewable energy schemes in Ireland for more than 20 years and has a strong track record of successful partnerships with farmers and land owners. It is now working internationally on projects in Australia, Canada and the UK and is the largest independent tidal energy developer in Europe.

Interested landowners who have a plot of relatively flat land of 25 acres or more and which is south or west facing should contact DP Energy  by phone (022 23955 ext 11) or by email: [email protected].