Euston Wind Farm

DP Energy Australia is exploring the opportunity of a wind farm in the Euston area and is currently undertaking the beginning phases of scoping for the proposed development. The proposed wind farm will include a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

The proposed Euston Wind Farm would include:

  • Approximately 100 wind turbines exporting power to the National Electricity Market (NEM)
  • Associated infrastructure such as roads, drainage, cabling and substations
  • Battery energy storage systems (BESS)
  • Associated construction facilities
  • Operations and maintenance facilities

The Euston Wind Farm project is currently in the early stages of development and DP Energy is working with the NSW Government to submit the Scoping Report that will determine the technical assessments required to form the Environmental Impact Statement.

The project website can be found here.

Callide Wind Farm

The proposed Callide Wind Farm project, Queensland Australia, has the potential for an installed wind turbine capacity of some 430MW and is located approximately 22km north north-east of Biloela and 75km west south-west of Gladstone.

This project is in the early stages of the development process. Consultation with key stakeholders, resource modelling, and site assessments have commenced.

Further details can be found at the project website here.

Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park

The Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park is a unique hybrid renewable energy development integrating wind and solar PV technology.

DP Energy has partnered with Spanish renewable energy giant Iberdrola to build the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park. With a capex of $500 million, the project will provide around 320 MW of power on land situated on the coastal plain south-east of Port Augusta, in South Australia.